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VISA Black Reduced Rate

VISA Black Reduced Rate issued by Laurentian Bank of Canada

VISA Black Reduced Rate

Take advantage of great savings with one of the most competitive credit card interest rates, available from Laurentian Bank’s VISA Black Reduced Rate card.

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Classic credit card, which allows you to pay a little later for what you purchase today – a great payment tool.
  1. Centralize all your purchases and expenses on your credit card: grocery, pharmacy, gas station, etc., without the added fees you might incur with a debit card.
  2. 12.49% interest rate for only $30 in annual fee.
  3. Cash transfers to other credit cards possible with VISA cheques.
Need more information about this credit card? Learn more on Laurentian Bank of Canada Official Website.
at Laurentian Bank of Canada′s
secure website
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Call Laurentian Bank of Canada at
Card Type:
Low Interest Credit Cards
This card has been issued by:
Laurentian Bank of Canada
All credit cards issued by Laurentian Bank of Canada

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