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Premium Credit Cards in USA

Enjoy a range of discounts and privileges of Premium Credit Cards

Premium Credit Cards are designed to reward you for making your payments on time, so take advantage of the benefits that come with those cards.
Owning one of this credit cards is prideful. They are premium cards, in their limits, rewards they carry and qualifications to get one. If you are able to meet the criteria for one of these cards, it means that you are in the income threshold and have a high credit score. Those attributes make you a highly appealing client for credit card companies. They know that you will spend on your card and pay it off on time, a combination they enjoy. Because of that, premium cardholders get a world of benefits that are not available to the average credit card customer.

Gold Credit Cards †

Gold cards are for elite credit card users. With more features and benefits than basic cards, gold cards provide cache and prestige. With so many options available, taking the time to compare will assure that you find the best gold card for your needs.
Not everyone can become a gold card member. The requirements are higher and more stringent than with standard cards. But, the rewards are also much greater. In order to qualify, you must meet certain income requirements and you must also have a flawless credit history. If you are in the position of comparing gold credit cards, you are in a coveted position, indeed.
Benefits of Gold Credit Cards
  1. Travel cover. When you use your gold credit card to book your travel expenses you will get insurance to cover medical costs, loss of baggage or personal effects, and even inconvenience cover to make up for delays.
  2. Purchase protections. Purchases you buy with gold credit cards come with specialized insurance to cover loss or accidental damage to the items. This cover usually lasts for three months after you purchase the item.
  3. Extended warranties. Many gold cards offer extended warranty coverage on big items like appliances. This covers the items for one year after the manufacturer's warranty expires.
List of Gold Credit Cards offered in USA
† To get approved for a Gold Credit Card, you need to have a high credit score.

Platinum Credit Cards †

Platinum credit cards are credit cards with premium benefits and high spending limits. Traditionally aimed for only high-income customers, these cards can now be used by people on annual incomes starting from as low as $30,000 per year. It is worth thinking carefully about whether a platinum credit card will best suit your needs. Keep your financial goals and behaviors in mind.
Platinum credit cards are a higher prestige credit card that offer extra features and benefits as compared with classic (basic) and gold ranges. When you review a platinum credit card, you’ll notice a higher maximum credit limit than less prestigious cards. Some platinum credit cards list a maximum credit limit of $100,000, while some cards allow even higher than that. Also, platinum credit cards have high minimum credit limits — which can be a constraint for credit card users who wish to place lower limits on their cards.
Benefits of Platinum Credit Cards
  1. Gold card perks. Since the platinum card is one step above the gold card it garners all of the benefits associated with gold ownership but with extended benefits. For example, your travel insurance may only cover up to a set dollar amount, that amount would likely double if you are a platinum credit card owner.
  2. Concierge service. Concierge service is offered 24 hours a day 7 days a week to those who own platinum credit cards. They will help you purchase items and make reservations because you are probably too busy for such mundane tasks.
List of Platinum Credit Cards offered in USA
† To get approved for a Platinum Credit Card, you need to have a high credit score.

Black Credit Cards †

It was not too long ago when Gold credit cards were seen as being the very definition of privilege. However, times changed and the Platinum card rose to the top, becoming the symbol of ultimate prestige, wealth and power. Since nothing stays the same, gold and platinum cards have lost some of their symbolism as they are readily available nowadays. The prestige connected to them has certainly dimmed a fair amount.
Now, another type of card has risen through the ranks and is considered the ultimate card in terms of prestige and exclusivity. The Black Credit Card has become the card for the rich and wealthy, offering a wide range of perks and benefits, befitting someone who has a large capacity to spend money.
So, if you are looking for a card that will make people stop in their tracks and look at you appreciatively, knowing that there is nothing you can not afford, then this card is the perfect option for you.
List of Black Credit Cards offered in USA
† To get approved for a Black Credit Card, you need to have a high credit score.

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